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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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meteorologist christina loren. the heat is on for today and just as quickly as those numbers came up, they are going to crash for the weekend. your full forecast is moments away. >> and we're track unexpectedly slow driving in antioch coming off the antioch bridge. >> this is a live look at the bay bridge, we'll tune you now from a special report on nbc news on the french plane crash. officials are releasing chilling information on the crash in france. what they are saying is the that the co-pilot of that plane appears to have crashed it deliberately. >> they have been poring over the cockpit voice recorder. here's what they are saying, they listened to the last 30 minutes in the cockpit to the pilot and co-pilot. they were speaking amicably
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during that time. during the end of that the pilot tells the co-pilot. he's going to take what is a natural call, probably to use the restroom and the pilot gets locked out and the co-pilot goes completely silent but they can hear the pilot outside pounding op the door, trying smash the door in and screaming from passengers. >> what we've learn, the co-pilot accelerated, using the monitoring assistant to speed up. we want to go to our reporter, who is at the crash site. keir, what else can you fill in for us. >> reporter: good morning. this is stung and devastating news. we are talking about the a-30 3 20 flying into the mountain range. the french prosecutor said that it deliberately manipulated the controls to make it descend
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thousand of feet into the alps here behind me and as you mentioned. they say, what they're doing is analyzing the black box recording of what was going on. they say they can hear the pilot banging on the door, trying to get in while the co-pilot is doing this. the prosecutor's office said we assume that he meant to destroy the plane and asked german authorities for information on his personality. they say there was no response from the co-pilot but right up until the moment of impact on the mountains here, you can hear him breathing. so, they say he was alive right up to the moment of this crash, guys. >> keir, going back to this conversation, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the conversation that the pilot and co-pot lot were having prior to the pilot taking that break and leaving the cockpit. >> reporter: that's right. i'm swheeg they said. they said during the last 20
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minutes the two pilots spoke naturally and the commander prepared a briefing and then asked the co-pilot to take command. we listen and hear him get out of the cockpit. they don't appear to know why he left. but as you say he may well have been going out for a short break for natural reason and then what happens is the co-pilot starts to change the speed the plane and starts to change the altitude of the plane and the plane begins to descend down into this mountain range. you just shutter to think what must have been going on as the rest of the plane as they realize what is happening and as you mention, you can hear the pilot trying to get back in again, but what we know about this door into the cockpit, it is possible for a pilot inside, on his own, to prevent anyone else from coming in. normally that is for very good security reasons. in this case it appears to have been used by this co-pilot in order to kill himself and kill
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the other, 149 souls, who were on board this plane. >> keir, that raises the question, who is this co-pilot. i don't believe we had a name released publicly. we've been told he has 650 hours flying time. was he on a terror watch list. do you know his nationality? >> reporter: we think he is german. we don't know that much about him. suspiciously, we began to think they have not been releasing the name of the pilot an co-pilot as we began to get this news that perhaps something very, very wrong went on before this crash. we mentioned the co-pilot had 630 hours of flying time. he had undertrain and joined germanwings, this small airline back in 2013. so, he hadn't been flying for that long. another question, by the way,
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savanna is going to be why was one of the pilots allowed to stay in the cockpit, on their own, given that we know, and this may not actually be compliant with regulations, given we know that it is possible for someone on their own in a cockpit to prevent anyone else coming inside. we assume, too, nobody on board the plane was able to even contact anyone on the ground. we know that the plane did not put out a mayday signal. no emergency indicated to the control power. they are simply trying to work out what is going on as this plane descends into silence. so, there are going to be many questions from this but in the moment. just absolutely shock here, really, about what we are finding out about why that plane dropped into this mountain range. >> keir, thank you very much. let's bring in tom costello who covers aviation for us here at nbc. this is a very disturbing turn. the co-pilot alone in the
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cockpit sitting silently although you can hear him breathing right up to the moment of impact. >> i think we're looking at a mass murder investigation. that's what this boils down to. this individual killed 149 people. the question is going to be, of course, why. i think the other question is going to be from a security standpoint, how is it possible that that first pilot left, we believe the captain left the cockpit and under normal protocols at least in the united states, a flight attendant comes into the cockpit to stand there, and essentially kind of stand guard with the flying pilot, then left that pilot, who left to go to the restroom, let him back in. what happened to that flight attendant. was he or she either not threatened or possibly killed as well prior to the incident? >> tom, also, a very short period of time here, we know the pilot left the cockpit after the plane reached its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet and we know from the flight record it wasn't at that altitude very
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long before it began that slow controlled descent. >> they were only at 30,000 feet 1 to 3 machines before that dekrent began. that's not ig remember but he may have really needed to use the lav. but then to go into a situation where immediately after he left the cockpit, that de scent speaks to some sore of nefarious action. >> we have been given the name of the co-pilot. andre. how much vetting does a pilot get before he is permitted to
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fly and hold in his hands the lives of 150 people? i mean, whether it's a mental health background check or something, look into whether he has more nefarious motives. >> in the united states, anybody going into pilot training goes through a criminal background check. certainly if you go through the commercial pilot program with awful the mainline carriers in the united states. there's extensive veth and psychological testing, et cetera. and then every six months, of course, you go through a physical evaluation. i would point out 630 hours of experience before becoming a -- or, while being a first officer. that's not a lot. in the united states you need 1500 hours to become a first officer and in this case he has 630 it hours. there's going to be a lot of questions. certainly we have questions about how many hours are required to become a co-pilot. first officer. what are the background checks and experience levels. and psychological testing behind
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this individual. as i mentioned thrk is now a mass murder investigation. >> tom costello. thanks very much. captain john cox flew the a opini-320 and spent 20 years in safety and crash investigations. let's pick up where tom left off there. first of all the plane gets to 30,000 feet. it reaches its cruising altitude. is that a time where it would be unusual for the pilot to leave the cockpit and secondly, do you know about the protocol in europe in terms of the member of a flight crew, taking that pilot's place in the cockpit? >> well, first, it would be a normal time for somebody with a physiological need, once the airplane attained its cruise altitude. if they're going back to the lavatory, that's a good time to do it. the work load drop down and you know as you approach your destination, in this case, dusseldorf that the work load is going to increase. it makes sense as far as the
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timing goes. the protocols in europe for security requirements and how the cockpits -- the protocol for managing a pilot coming oust a cock hit and who comes in, in most cases a flight attendant will come in so there are two people in the flight deck. as far as, was this required of this operator, the information, research i've done has got conflicting information. at this point, i don't have that resolved yet. >> captain john cox, thank you for your perspective. having flown this plane. thank you. we'll have a lot more on this store. we'll return to regularly scheduled programming. welcome back to "today in the bay." we, of course, will also continue to follow the very recent developments that have just come out of the germanwings flight that's now believed to have been deliberately crashed.
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kris sanchez will actually monitor updates as they come into the news room and she'll join us on set. >> sure. a quick recap, still the essence of that story, 30 minutes of cockpit information reviewed of the black boxes. what they found there was conversational talking between two pilots. one left the cock pate, was not able to return because the cockpit had been locked now investigators looking into the pilot intentionally crashed the plane. we'll have more on that in the morning. >> in the meantime back to local news, flags in at halftime in honor of san jose police officer michael johnson. first offer to be killed since 2001. >> now his colleagues and community saying good-bye to the veteran officer. this, as we continue to learn more about the man who killed him. bob redell is in san jose, good morning. very solemn out there.
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no doubt? >> reporter: good morning, you see behind me this is where the community, fellow police officers are placing flowers, candles, creating the memorial to honor officer michael johnson, a 14-year-old veteran with the san jose police department who was shot and killed while responding to a call of a suicidal man armed with a gun. we spoke with johnson's training officer who had this to say about his friend. >> very easy-going. mild manner. i saw him getting good rapport with people on the street because he's so soft spoken. good sense of humor. >> reporter: yesterday evening a long procession of police throughout the south bay. san jose police officers escorted johnson's body to the corn corner's office to a funeral home in los gatos to pay respects to a man who protected his community for 14 years. he'll meet to come up with
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funeral plans and figure out to honor this 38-year-old man killed in the line of duty. first san jose police officer who died doing his job since 2001. reporting live outside of san jose police officer, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thanks very much, bell. for continuing coverage of this story. go to nbc bay to hear the 911 dispatch call. you can also go to the facebook page and leave condolences to the officer's family and police department. >> our hearts go out to them. more traffic, news and weather after this break.
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at 5:16. pretty shocking breaking news just coming into our news room and is now believed the co-pilot of the germanwings plane that recently crashed into the french alps, deliberately crashed that plane. the main pilot, actually, was said to have taken some sort of bathroom break and then was locked out of the cockpit. >> and keir simmons reporting that afford cording to french prosecutors they are look at the possibility of deliberately manipulated controlling of that plane. we're talking about a mass murder investigation. that's the latest news. we'll be sure to follow that. >> 149 additional passengers were killed in that. >> 5:16 now.
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now to a developing story getting a lot of attention up and down the coast. she was reported missing and possibly abducted then relocated. now denise hoskins went off the radar once again. >>. >> the 29-year-old woman missed a flight to answer questions about a possible kidnapping. >> this morning, some of her relatives and her boyfriend cannot be located heater? >> reporter: good morning sam and laura. investigators are concerned because they believe the abduction was a hoax. we are outside of her home in vallejo, you can see lights inside but doesn't appear anyone is home. police say they don't know where she or aaron quinn are. they got a big break when an audio recording was e-mailed to the chronicle. >> in march -- >> apparently, police asked the
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chronicle not to report it as they continued their investigation. dumping thousands of dollars for the search for hoskins both on foot and in water. quinn said someone demanded a ran some but yesterday she showed at her home safe and sound. >> the police and fbi made arrangements to have her flown to northern california in a jet. right now we have not heard from miss hoss kuskins. she reunited in huntington beach yesterday. her uncle said they have it wrong and she had reasons not to meet with them. adding they have been aggressive toward her and there will be more information coming out today. although she won't give specific on that. police saying she has hired an attorney, that there is
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sufficient evidence, huskins, and quinn, and any accomplices could face charges. >> reporter: stephanie chaung, "today in the bay." this morning, the justice apartment wants answers from orbitz. scott mcgrew? >> that's right. and all kinds of other companies have the market for online reservations pretty much locked up. feds look at deals like this to make sure the consumer is not affected. the competition is still strong but you have a hard time arguing there's. of any competition. looking more broadly at travel there's less competition these day, especially as american airlines combines with usair and united can w continental. prices have gone up even as oil prices have fallen. white house said it will send the secretary of labor even the president on a tour across the u.s. pushing for paid sick leave for all american workers.
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you can call off sick from your job at mcdonald's or what not and you'll not get paid. that discouragers workers from staying home when sick. and members of parliament in england will get ipads. house of commons will work electronically. there's 650 of them and each get an ipad air 2. there's a disagreement of pricing. it works to $300,000 a year for the devices plus servicing. yeah, they got extended warranty. many manies. parliament use ipads. and some have got caught playing candy crush while talking about laws. it was very embarrassing and that's been brought up several type this morning as they discuss ipads in parliament. >> interesting. >> candy crush a very addicting game. that will not make good use of time.
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>> it is 5:20. we want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she has a look at our forecast for today. >> yeah. it's looking very warm. it was the talk of the town yesterday. definitely a warmer than average day, with temperatures ending up in the 80s. just about everywhere. as we get into the afternoon we'll trade in the 80s for the 90s. 50 degrees in the tri-valley. 53 in san francisco where you hit the 80s later on today as well. it will be very warm. make sure you're ready for the two different parts of the day. and because the heat is coming on early for the season. make sure you don't overdo it out there. especially if you work outdoors. you want to dress the kids in light-colored clothing. as you know, dark colors attract the sun and you want breathable clothing for the little ones. 86 degrees on the peninsula. that's very warm by the bay area standards. as we get into this afternoon. high pressure hits maximum strength and for us that will translate to wide spread 80s and
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isolated 90s especially. especially south bay, tri-valley and extreme north bay. keep in mind it is warm just where everywhere. as you get into friday and saturday. temperatures tumble. a little onshore flow kicks in. that brings temperatures down by a good 10 degrees by today. tomorrow counting on a slight chance for showers. we'll talk about that as we head the next half hour together. >> here's mike with your drive. >> as we look at our maps on the speed sensors, the easy drive approaching the maze. there's the north bay. low clouds drift around. not a major concern of fog right now. we'll go to pleasant hill and antioch. pleasant hill frb.a.r.t. westbound. slowing eastbound on the byron highway. that cleared as all lanes cleveland. we'll zoom out in the rest of
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the bay. slowing from ail slowi slowing ailty mont. >> and coming up. the co-pilot prosecutors said intentionally brought down the plaipt in the french aim ps. we'll have the latest.
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in case you missed nbc news special report about 15 minutes ago, we're getting shocking
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revelations this morning from the recordings of the black box of that plane that crashed in the french alps two days ago. specifically news that one of the pilots had locked out his co-pie load when he left mid flight. >> it is completely shocking news. sounds like they listened to the recording almost 30 minutes up to before the plane actually crashed into the french alps. you see the debris littering there on these pictures from the french alps. but they are saying they were getting along just fine and one of the pilots. main pilot got up, it sounds like, to go to the restroom. that's when he was completely locked out. now, the co-pilot believed to have deliberately crashed that plane killing 149 people also on board. we'll continue to follow new developments as they come into our news room. it's 5:26 right now. also a stunning turn for private first class bowe bergdahl.
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he faces charges that will lead him in prison. senior officials tell nbc that bergdahl will likely make a plea deal and avoid jail time. >> he's not a hero, he's a traitor. he's a deserter. he left his post in war. >> it's really hard on community, because everybody was so happy when he, you know, was released. >> if a plea is made, it may lead to a dishonorable discharge. bergdahl's attorney said he tried to escape the taliban a dozen times. >> a lot of news locally as well. we'll be right back with much more information on the fallen police officer. a local check of your weather right after this.
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breaking news this morning, an intentional act this morning of french prosecutor says the co-pie lost that germanwings plane deliberately brought down in the french alps. >> plus, in danger or on is the run. what we've learned from a
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kidnapping for ran some case the police are calling a hoax. good morning i'm christina loren. isolated 90s. clouds, showers, your full forecast moments away. and a live look at san mateo bridge. we'll talk about changes across the high rise as well. >> and taking a live look outside on thursday, march 26th. beautiful shot of the bay bridge. this is "today in the bay" >>. >> and a very good morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we have breaking news. in the past hour a french prosecutor accused the co-pilot of intentionally crashing the plane into the french alps. >> it's really shock.
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>> it is shock. it's important no one is talking about an act of terror. they say it was a deliberate act but no one is saying it was that kind of deliberate act just yet. just minutes ago we learned the name of the co-pilot we're talking about. french prosecutors say the 28-year-old brought that plane down manually and intentionally crashing it into the remote site in the french alps. flight recordings lay out a disturbing story. the prosecutors say the pilot left the cockpit before the plane went down in what is a nats call. the co-pilot then went completely silent. in the background you can hear the pilot knocking on the cockpit door and fran technically trying to smash it down. he could not get back inside. that's of course by safety design. prosecutors say the plane accelerated as it flew down into
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the french alps and they assume that the co-pilot meant to destroy the plan. the ceo plans to address the media at 6:30 this morning. we plan to figure out who this pilot was he had about six years of flying experience but the pilot flying the plane had 6,000 flying hours. >> and only worked for germ germanwings for a short time. now a story develop iing th hour, took a bizarre turn. denise huskins turned up miin southern california and now
5:33 am
she's off the map again. now they are calling it a hoax. >> we're tracking this. we'll have a live update in about 15 minutes. turning attention to department in mourning. flags at half staff as officers honer fallen officer michael johnson. >> bob redell is joined outside of the police station where the memorial for officer johnson continues to grow, bob. >> reporter: good morning. to honor officer michael johnson, you see police are leaving candles and a lot of flowers outside of police meade quarters. we understand police officers will meet with city leaders to discuss funeral plans and figure out how to memorialize officer johnson who is a veteran of the san francisco police department. this was the scene yesterday as san jose police officers escorted the body from the coroner's office to a mortuary
5:34 am
in los gatos. one person said it's important to support officers like michael johnson because they don't always get the respect they deserve consider the protection they provide for the community. we spoke with johnson's training officer. he said this, that johnson was a sharp guy, easy going. had a good sense of humor and good rapport with people on the streets to know johnson did not return from work tuesday night is a real punch in the gut. >> try and not let them think this could be the last time. >> but in your mind, you always prepare yourself, and make sure that, you know, the good-byes are there. and that you make it home. >> reporter: officer michael johnson was shot and killed tuesday night when responding to a call of an armed man who was drunk and suicidal. police say scott dunham shot officer johnson as he approached
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dunham's apartment. he was later found dead in his home with one gunshot wound. reporting live outside police headquarters bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> the department is playing tribute to the fallen officer this is what you see when you go to it shows michael johnson and his badge. a fund-raiser is being organized by sharks captain noelen. the fund-raiser will be held a week from today. all of the proceeds will go to the johnson family. william landsdown was the captain last time a police officer was killed on his watch. we talk to him about that. >> your heart sinks. it's something you hope never happens but does. >> as chief landsdowne sworn m
5:36 am
him. >> you blame yourself. maybe we didn't provide enough train, maybe we didn't give enough equipment. it haunt us forever when you lose an officer. >> officer fontana was gunned down in his rookie year in 2001. >> stay to the bay area for continuing coverage on this story. they have the 911 dispatch call and you can go to the facebook page and leave condolences for the officer's family. >> heavy hearts. 5:36. we are looking at a record end to the week. it concerns rising temperatures. >> christina loren, always bringing us a little sunshine. >> on a morning like this it might be what you can use. golden gate bridge tells the weather story of the day. we have a completely clear sky.
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you know you wake up, and see the view of the bridge. nice and clear. that a.c. has been shut off. 53 in the south bay. we are on our way to 87 later on this afternoon. tri-valley at 90 degrees. about 20 degrees above average tore this time of year. and san francisco, getting into the low 80s. as we head throughout the day, these are records expecting to fall. livermore, 90, we break a record of 88 degrees, really we see records we're expecting. this is an indication of how unusual it is this time of year. as quickly as those numbers climbed, we'll see them drop back off and bring in slight chance of showers as we get into the weekend. more on this in moments now let's check the drive. here's mike inouye. >> you see the glowing lights and moisture in the air but no fog. we're looking at traffic. eastbound, i saw the crews
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clearing all of the clones. now cleared from foster city to heyward. no slowing as well. nice easy drive. as well as dumbarton bridge. south bay has no delays. also very smooth. we'll talk about that in a second. and we'll show you highway 4 and tri-valley. a quick look at the bay bridge, we'll show you toll plaza has fast lanes on either side. those are starting to back up. we should see metering lights turned on in the next minute, minute and a half. there's the north bay. we talked about a smooth drive. in toward the golden gate bridge ready for the commute. we're looking over here. eastbound highway 4. southbound 42. that connecter is partially blocked overnight a car went off the roadway and into a tree area on the side of the road. no major injury. again westbound is just fine. >> thank you very much. a unique program takes place
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in oakland's space and science center. it will help a tie-in to the golden state program. for anyone who uses electronic benefit card. card carriers can bring guest force a $1 admission price. also, breaking news that we've learned. french prosecutors now saying the co-pilot of that germanwings flight intentionally crashed the plane based on recordings from the black box. president obama is being briefed on the situation right now. we have a live report from the nation's capital coming up next. plus they are on paid leave but protesters say that's not enough. how they want an oakland school to punish several security guards accused of beating a student. a live look outside downtown san jose thursday morning. a very filled news morning. we have much more for you. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop new, traffic and
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weather. right after this break.
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we continue to follow breaking new, french prosecutors say the co-pilot deliberately crashed the germanwings plane into the french alps, killing all people on board. >> traci potts has our story. good morning. >> this morning. french prosecutors say the deep descent was deliberate and intentional. at some point when cruising altitude, the captain of the flight briefly left the cockpit and could not get back in. as they put it, he was voluntarily denied access. the only person inside that cockpit they say was a co-pilot
5:43 am
who the french identified as andreas lubitz. we are trying to get more information about him at this point. and interestingly, they have no reason to indicate this was a terror attack. now, we don't know how that is reconciled, just that they don't have any evidence of that, or if they have evidence to the contrary. what we know, they have listened to the cockpit voice recorder. they say there was a very casual and friendly conversation between the pilots in the early part of this flight. again, they had just reached cruising altitude when the pilot stepped out. the captain stepped out for a moment. and, after that, they said they heard breathing by the co-pilot until the end but nothing, no words. nothing to indicate why, what they now describe as a deliberate crash, into the french alps. killing all 150 people on board. >> the whole sequence of events just chilling. we know you'll continue to stay
5:44 am
on top this story. thank you very much. tracie potts in washington. meanwhile. officers honor fallen officer, michael johnson. police escorted his body to a mortuary in los gatos last night. the arrival of the hearse and emotional moment. some did not know him but his death was very personal. . i was a cop for 30 years. it is a brotherhood. it really is. at any time this could have been someone i know. >> johnson was shot after responding to a call of a sue sighal man that was armed. he was later foudead in his hom with one gunshot wound. funeral plans for the 14-year-old veteran are now pending. now to a strange story. she was missing, then found safe then can't be found again.
5:45 am
vallejo police say the 29-year-old woman first abducted for random made this story up. now they say they lost contact with her and her family. . another twist and turn. stephanie chaung is joining us at the site of the alleged abduction. investigators are calling this a hoax. what is the family saying are. >> reporter: good morning. the family is pretty angry refuting the vallejo police department's sequence of events. we're standing outside of the boyfriend, aaron quinn. outside you see a candle left by a supporter. police dumped thousands of dollars in the search for huskins. on foot and in the water. strangers abducted huskins demanding a $85,000 rand some and yesterday showed up in
5:46 am
huntington beechach 400 miles f here. and now add huskins and quinn owe the community an apology. >> quinn and miss huskins plundered valuable resources away from our community and has taken the focus away from the two victims of our community. >> huskins was reunited with her father. both could k face charges. as for a piece of evidence sent to a local newspaper. and what the family is saying about the police treatment of huskins, that's coming up in the next live report in 15 minutes. live in vallejo, stephanie chaung. >> a man showed up in a san jose hospital yesterday. climbing he shot himself.
5:47 am
investigators believe he is the same man who tried to hit a deputy as he fled a drug deal. that man opened first but he got away. his car was found later with blood inside. and authorities are reporting an unusual event of burglary attempts involving sticky traps. thieves are targeting night deposit boxes. they drop sticky drops into the boxes. the traps are attached to an end of a string. most of the time the burglary attempts have not been successful, shocking as that might sound. >> isn't that amazing? innovative but not smart. >> thinking outside of the box, i suppose. >> let's take in the box of the bay area. christina loren, joining us. >> we don't want you to get trapped in the heat with very warm temperatures. time is 5:47. want to make sure you're
5:48 am
prepared for the very warm day ahead even warmer than where we ended up yesterday. 5:47 is the time. temperature in oakland, 51 degrees, 43 in san jose. and kick off the day in san martine where temperatures climb into the 90s. low 90s. gilroy, san martine, livermore, forecasting 90 degrees for where you live. clear and cool to start getting into the afternoon. temperatures will be so warm. lots of sunshine. a little haze out there as well. high pressure firmly takes control of our pattern. let me take you through our forecast. stopped the clock for you at noon. temps in the mid 70s in the south pay. 73 east shore and 74 at lunch time in the tri-valley. we'll round out the day in the mid 80s. a couple 90s as well. make sure you bring lots of water with you for today and you want to drink it generously. wide spread 80s. isolated 90s. tomorrow the temperatures crash. we get a nice round of onshore
5:49 am
flow. you really notice the difference at the immediate coast. temps tumble. and we'll see temperatures drop 10 degrees in places like south bay. look at difference between today and tomorrow in san francisco. 80 degrees today down to 68 degrees by tomorrow. getting into the all important weekend. temperatures will be comfortable but we have another change coming your way and that is a very slight chance for showers. so, let's talk about that. first, this is a big event. this happens every single year. it is the rock 'n' roll half marathon in san francisco. before those showers arrive we'll see a pretty nice day. temps in the 50s for that race. starts at 6:30 a.m. and will continue until 10:00 a.m. if you want to avoid crowds or streets blocked off, probably a good idea to stay out of san francisco. until after we see the winner of that race. at 11:00 p.m. that's where the
5:50 am
action will start. best chance for showers, looks like higher elevations down into the south bay as well. right now let's check your drive. here's mike. >> looking over here to the bay toll plaza where metering lights are turned on. the fast track will move as it continues to build here. now jump down. that was expected at the bay bridge toll plaza. unexpected this amount of traffic. here's 680 heading toward oakland road. we look at your map we'll show you the stretch. that's early because of a crash, 101 northbound. maybe two lanes at oakland road before you get to 880. this causes traffic to shift over as folks hear about this. may cut over on capital or tully to get to 87 which causes more slowing to downtown. hopefully this clears quickly but may have an effect on the
5:51 am
parkway as well. meanwhile this tri-valley commute shows typical build. we'll zoom the camera out and show you most approach towards the bay bridge, looking really good. metering lights on at the toll plaza, no problems at the maze. early slowing out of antioch. and in the north bay we'll show you quickly, san rafael by comparison with the other two shots. this is really nice. back you to. >> looking good. thanks very much. 5:51. and protesters are pushing the school board to fire several security guards accused of abusing students. parents and community members demonstrated outside of last night's school board meeting. this video released a few weeks ago but the fight was last year at fremont high school. you see security guards pulling the student out of sight of the camera. those involved said security guards choked and punched that student. last may.
5:52 am
two security guards were videotaped beating francisco martinez who uses a wheelchair. they allegedly choked and beat another student a few days before that. martinez said he's still impacted by what happen ed. >> it's hard to handshake the person who brutalized you and seeing the uniform. it's scary. it's 5 a. 52. police need your help to find a man who held up a liquor store. the robber pulled out a gun and ordered two employees to give money out of the cashregister. the man then ran away. anyone wh w information should call police. >> it's 5:52. one of the men accused of shooting an oakland mother may
5:53 am
end up in court today. police say a gunfight broke out down the street from her home on chestnut street. she died trying to protect her kids from gunfire. overall police arrested three men. one 19-year-old anthony simms expected in court today. o'grove high school wants to educate parents on how to address things on social media. bullying and sekting. >> a two-long label dispute at the refinery is finally over. the un ratified a new agreement two days ago. the refinery will resume normal operations today. that spiked a larger dispute with several oil companies that work with shell oil. most have all been resolved. the federal trade commission took an unusual step this morning to defend its decision.
5:54 am
>> and this is where members were shown briefs shown to the media. >> it was alarmed by several of google's business practices. there was the possibility the ftc would push forward with an antitrust case but it didn't. that has a lot of critics of google and some critics of the u.s. calling foul. well, ftc made a statement about the matter that's very unusual saying it conducted a, quote, exhaustive investigation and that the documents seen by the media represent only a, quote, fraction of the evidence. an antitrust suit would have been enormous. look what it did to microsoft. look at microsoft today. ftc said google changed many business practices and if satisfied. critics not so much. keep in mind, in many cases those critics are also competitors. guys, take a look at this. this say drone with a wing span
5:55 am
of a 767. who would be flying it? facebook. this he would like to create drones it that fly incredibly high with places that do not have internet action like sahara africa. including giant google drones -- facebook drones. there's google drones, too. >> some drones we can get behind. all right. here's something to think about before you put op your makeup this morning. tests of 19 cosmetic samples found almost one third were contaminated with bacteria. some even had a type of staph. experts recommend keeping your makeup properly sealed when not using it and replacing your mascara every three months. all other cosmetics should be tossed after six months. >> once you got the makeup
5:56 am
figured out. what else to put on, starting out your thursday. let's find out right now. >> i don't think you'll need a heavy coat today. >> you'll see hot temperatures, temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. as we get into this afternoon we'll climb into the 90s in the tri-valley. 80 degrees in san francisco and 89 degrees in the north bay for today. i have to clean my makeup brushes. a man who does not need makeup ever. he looks good every day. here's mike inouye. >> thank you, thank you. you have that really bad tv, i look blurry. that makes me look better. over here, this is not blurry this is lights. look at the reason why. northbound 101 heavy because of a crash. still has the left lane blocked and jammed all of the way from tully road. this is early for this amount of slowing.
5:57 am
this may have folks dishing at northbound 280. north 87 coming through the area, possibly an indicator of folks using tully and capital express way. that's it for the south bay area. the rest looking really good. back to you guys. 5:57. we're following breaking news. intentional and deliberate. that's what we're learning about the actions of the co-pilot moments before a germanwings plane crashed into the french alps. plus bay area police are calling it all a hoax. the latest on an elaborate kidnapping for ransom case.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news at 6:00. crashed on purpose. the new accusation from a french prosecutor about a plane that went down in the alps.
6:00 am
>> plus, lost, found, now gone again. the latest twist surrounding this bay area woman. and good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we'll crank up the heat. 90s expected in some spots and crash for the weekend. slight chance of showers that take you through the roller coaster weather ride. and we'll show you how to avoid getting all up in this and the ripple effect that will happen in south bay as well. and live look outside of the bay bridge. we'll have a look at all of your days news on this thursday, march 26th. this is "today in the bay." and good morning on this thursday, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking new, was it intentional? a french prosecutor said it appears the co-pilot crashed the plane into the